Marvin Jacob Construction, Inc. was designed to bring together a group of individuals who are the best at what they do.  The talents behind our doors bring you a wealth of knowledge in running a construction company that is only matched by the attention to detail carried out by our in-house crews and hired subs.

What separates MJc, Inc. from the rest of the construction companies out there is our collective concern for bringing the best quality product for each customer equally. 

As a team, we understand that deciding to move forward with a project takes dedication and attention to your budget.  We take pride in everything we become a part of and it shows with our customer satisfaction!

Paul "Jacob" Jones
Owner and President

Hello there!  My name is Paul "Jacob" Jones and I am the owner of Marvin Jacob Construction, Inc. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Construction Engineering from The University of Toledo.  I have been in the construction world for over ten years now but my passion to create wonderful products from a vision has been with me from the beginning.  

I am married to an incredible woman, Dawn, who helps keep MJc running smoothly.  She doubles as a Real Estate Agent for Russel Real Estate Services selling homes faster than most!  Her first sale was a $500,000+ home in Avon Lake and continues to grow as she approaches her 4th year closing deals.  Her attention to detail is greatly appreciated by her clients and if you are in need of an agent, feel free to contact her at dawnsellscle@gmail.com.  You will not be disappointed!

The adventure to get Marvin Jacob Construction, Inc. to where it is today, all started in my parent’s garage.  They really pushed me to do the best that I could and that has led me to share those values throughout my company.  I thought the best way to show my appreciation for them is to share my company name with my father, Marvin and putting it first before my middle name, Jacob. Truly, a great foundation to bring to all aspects of life.

A lot has changed from building forts with the neighborhood kids but the desire to successfully complete projects has not. With my team of very talented craftsman and office personnel, I truly believe MJc is a great choice for any project you have in mind.

I have always had a talent for bringing ideas of the group to life.  This starts by touching pen to paper and sketching a rough draft of your vision.  From the initial approval of the design, my team will then take to the computer and make the visual 3D walk-through that so many TV shows have made famous.  It really does help bring everyone onto the same page in visualizing what the final product will look like!

After the final approval of the design phase, we move over to the build phase.  This is where you sit back and let the professionals do what they do best... Start creating another masterpiece with their hands.  With years of experience, MJc's team of talented craftsman working alongside established subcontractors as needed, you will quickly see your vision coming together.

All this cannot be possible without the office crew we have in place to manage every part of your project.  I have personally handled small $150 repair jobs to multi-million dollar a year accounts and I ensure my team will share the same value I do when managing projects;  bringing only the best in customer satisfaction no matter the price tag.  I can guarantee you will not find a more attentive and qualified group of individuals than the team here at Marvin Jacob Construction, Inc.


What makes Marvin Jacob great in my opinion, is what my parents have instilled in me from the beginning; always try to be the best that you can be and surround yourself with individuals that share the same values in life as you do.  Everyone here truly cares about the client and will do whatever it takes in successfully "Building Your Vision".


Please do not hesitate to contact me personally with any questions or concerns you may have at pjones@marvinjacobconstruction.com!

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